Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Mango Cheesecake

Love of food exceeds all other human desires. And true to this credo, right from the nascent stage of human civilization men have been discovering, creating, innovating and redefining delectable food. The goodness of food to satiate hunger or craving have lead to exotic food variants- enriched with flavour, taste and essential nutrients to suit our palate. It is basically an equitable combination of nature and originality which has paved the way of the unprecedented stride of the food industry. Human oeuvre, enthusiasm and passion for creativity have inspired them to make a paradigm shift of the food trade from the local pantheon towards global arena. The treasure trove of recipes over the decades which hitherto had a small territory has now assumed a wide-ranging stature.

The young and old alike are highly motivated to channelize their intrinsic talent which is not only stimulating but also fuels the imagination. Many are pursuing cooking as a career option and there have been a mushroom growth of cookery classes and food industrial management courses. Along with this has developed innovative, modern and resilient cookware and kiln which have enabled us to enhance this art. Undoubtedly, Borosil, the leading cookware brand has made cooking easier and tastier with its unparalleled quality and durability. Not only does it manufacture variegated shapes and sizes to suit one’s style of cooking but also beautifies the culinary art by its aesthetic designs making it the most trusted brand. We can now enjoy hassle-free cooking with poise and √©lan. Unconditionally.

My devotion for cooking is actually a stress buster. It boosts my mood, lifts me from depression as i am transported to the land of scrumptious cuisine where there is only aroma, hues, flavour and savour. As I dabble with the natural ingredients-the luscious fruits, vegetables, the knives and chopping board, recipes and utensils I am suffused with eternal and lasting contentment. Whence I set to prepare a splendid dish for my son I definitely add an exquisite ingredient- love. I begin my chore with whole hearted enthusiasm for this ambrosia. The mango cheesecake, clearly my original creation, is fairly easy to prepare.

Usually I measure the quantities of the ingredients used in cooking as per my experience. As for instance, for a nuclear family (3 to 4 persons), firstly, I would recommend two ripe mangoes, orange in colour. Secondly cheese blocks cut in rectangles; thirdly, a cup of soft cottage cheese (preferably home- made). And finally, one and a half litres of milk reduced to a thick consistency with four tablespoons of sugar/sugar-free substitutes mixed to it. And of course how could I forget the indispensable eggs? Two eggs will be sufficient for four persons. However, the ‘eggy’ smell can be removed by using some mango essence. In case mango essence is not available you can use lemon zest. Then, I rummage the fridge and take out butter and bread.

I assure you that this is going to be an amazing dessert, truly a mouth-watering affair. The reduced milk, two eggs, a spoon of butter, mango essence or lemon zest and the cup of soft cottage cheese is to be blended to a smooth consistency. The bread slices should be toasted (four slices with the edges removed) and spread butter evenly on them. These bread slices should be cut in rectangular shapes and kept aside. Now, grease a square shaped Borosil baking dish and arrange the bread slices in batches. After the first batch is arranged, four rectangular slices, the mangoes are also cut into thick rectangular shapes and placed on top of the bread slices. Then the cheese slices, cut similarly like the mangoes are placed on top of the mango slices. The blended egg-milk mix is poured on top and spread evenly. Repeat the bread, mango, cheese layer and pour the egg-milk custard on top.

Well, The cooking is incomplete without baking. In a microwave place the Borosil baking dish and set the timer for six minutes. One must remember to give it some standing time. When the dish is cooled to room temperature, I take out the lip-smacking dish and refrigerate it for an hour. And voila! When I take it out from the fridge and garnish the dessert with chopped ripe mangoes I simply cannot resist the temptation of cutting out a wedge for myself. The golden hue of my mango cheesecake with the tantalizing aroma of cheese and mango can turn anyone into an epicure.

As I take a bite it almost melts in my mouth and I am really satiated. Adorned with succulent mangoes and velvety cheese this dream concoction is literally my signature dish and I would suggest to lay the table with candles, yellow roses and glassware to set a romantic mood, for the dish would be incomplete without presentation. To do justice to my effort and enhance this platter, silver dessert spoons and small Borosil bowls should be used for serving. Indeed, Its going to be a promising start.


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