Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pineapple Malpuas

To truly savour the quintessential culinary offering, one has to commence into the most abiding recipes my mom has to offer. Endowed with ‘golden hand’, she is epitome of cuisine and her forte is Bengali sweets. One’s palate will definitely be seduced by her cooking known for its incredible fare. Her overtly generous servings of love and opulent food- a result of generations of passionate obsession with its creation has resulted in creating this masterpiece.

The fluffy pineapple malpuas topped with creamy rabri is an authentic Bengali fare and can melt anyone’s heart. To go for a walk is surely recommended to whet the appetite before devouring this sinful delicacy. The ingredients require for this dish are simple and wholesome. We do not need myriad of complex ingredients for its creation; as such it is rather easy to prepare and can be made in a jiffy when guests drop in. These malpuas are surely potent doses of sinfully delicious comfort.

From my observation, I remember that mom used to pour all the ingredients into a large sized round Borosil bowl. Three cups of flour is poured. Then a cup of powdered milk is added along with one teaspoon of baking soda, a pinch of salt, powdered sugar according to taste, little snauf and one and a half cup liquid milk to prepare the batter for the malpuas. The pineapples are cut in rings and dipped in the batter. Tinned pineapple rings are preferable.

In a deep pan, six tablespoons of ghee to deep fry the pineapple rings. When the pineapple rings turn golden brown in colour they are placed in a tissue to get rid of the extra ghee. One can simply munch these delicious fried malpuas even without accompaniments. Tastes inexorably divine and adds a new verve to life.

But, the malpuas dipped in the quintessential rabri is a must which enhances and compliments the dish. To prepare this sumptuous rabri, about a litre of milk is reduced to a creamy consistency and to add a delicate flavour a few strands of kesar is added to it. Inevitably the sweetness of this delicacy with the subtle aroma of kesar and pineapple fabricates an old world charm. The velvety texture of the rabri compliments the crispy malpuas which enhances the taste. The result is phenomenal when the golden malpuas are immersed in the rabri. Indulge in the crackle of crunchy malpuas softened by the fresh rabri.

To create the ambience for this confection, lighted diyas should be arranged and the dish is to be served in a clay pot garnished with khoya. One cannot resist but ladle out a large helping of this enticing portion.

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