Sunday, 6 July 2014

Cheese Souffle

The reigning deity of fast and tastier food is perhaps cheese which goes into the making of appetizing food contingent. To satiate our hunger pangs the fluffy cheese souffle is a must try for a quick snack. Remarkably unique in taste and look, it is also gaining in popularity. I feel that such a dish can give one the leeway to do fusion and experiment if one has a creative inclination.
Usually, with paucity of time during busy schedules in the modern times, such a wholesome snack is preferred by most. Hence, this dish is topping popularity charts during my kitty parties with friends. Obviously, this snack, though rich in calories due to the generous use of cheese, is a natural option and rich in nutrients. A morsel of this exotic snack is sure to stimulate one’s senses with its distinct and piquant taste. Indulge in the finesse of this culinary craft with veritable enthusiasm. Forget your waistlines and get into the spirit and gorge on this exceptional goodie.

The goodness of milk, refined flour, eggs, butter, honey and pepper powder makes a magnificent dish. The ingredients are simple and basic without any artificial flavour and thus concocts a healthy option. Firstly, generous amount of cheese, say a medium sized Borosil bowlful will suffice, is grated. Then in a non-stick pan, two and a half tablespoons of butter and three tablespoons of flour is mixed. Stir the mixture till it appears to be bubbly and brown. to this mixture is added one cup of milk. You must constantly stir and whip the mixture with a wooden ladle to avoid forming lumps. When the mixture attains a smooth consistency, add the grated cheeses and stir again. Remove it from the flame and let it come to room temperature.

The second and perhaps the most crucial step is to separately put four egg yolks and five egg whites in two different bowls. The bowl where the egg whites are kept should be whipped with a spoon by adding a pinch of salt. It should be whisked till soft white peaks are formed. Remember that the peaks formed from the egg whites should not be firm. Now beat the egg yolks and pour it into the white, creamy milk-flour-cheese custard when it is lukewarm. The mixture is then added to the egg whites and folded gently.
There is no need to add any extra salt as cheese itself is salty. However, to balance the taste, two teaspoon of brown sugar is added to the souffle mixture. Lastly, Four baking moulds are greased with butter and lined with grated cheese. The souffle mixture is poured into these Borosil moulds and create a ridge to make a design. Bake for eight to ten minutes in a microwave. cool it to room temperature. Serve it chilled or hot from the oven as desired.
The result will be incredible. The serving arrangement can be both formal as well as informal. Considered as a quick snack it can be gobbled from the baking mould itself with a dessert spoon. On rare occasions, make up the platter on a coffee table arranged in a dainty, rectangular tray. Sprinkle honey on top of the souffle and I assure you that the guests are going to love it. And the extravaganza of this goodie surpasses quite a number of dishes. The common denominator is of course an excellent cup of olfactory coffee. Bon Appetit! Burrrp!


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