Sunday, 6 July 2014

A pot of convenience- the exceptional Moussaka

In the hustle of the modern life, we are not usually in the mood of an elaborate meal; one dish meals come handy when time is premium, especially for working couples. These convenient and well-balanced meals with the winning combination essential nutrients and taste cater well to our busy schedules and are a boon, actually. In the international arena too, such meals have become a part of the regular repertoire. Moreover, one dish meals are hassle free and easy to cook. What’s more, they also save the bother of clearing the clutter and endless washing. One such exciting option is the moussaka which I prepare with a twist.

To add originality to any dish, I always infuse my creativity to concoct a delicacy. This Greek dish is given a fusion look by blending Indian and Greek ingredients to make it interesting. It showcases my unique spin on fusion cooking and to produce an eclectic and distinct meal.

This complete meal is delicious, wholesome and satisfying. The basic ingredients required are flour, butter and egg to prepare the dough. For four people, two cups of refined flour, one teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of baking soda and two table spoons of butter to knead the dough. Two fifty grams of shredded and boiled chicken spiced up with black pepper and salt are also required. Four large and thick roundels of eggplant should be rubbed with salt and flour and kept aside. Four cubes of cheese should be shredded for topping the dish. Such a dish is definitely healthier as the food is cooked from the beginning to the end in one single pot without any reshuffling.

Firstly, a square shaped Borosil oven proof dish is greased with butter. Then, the dough is rolled in a square shape to line the base of the Borosil dish. Now the eggplant pieces, deep fried in oil till golden brown are arranged over it. Next, the chicken is placed over the fried brinjals. The grated cheese is generously spread over the chicken layer. The process is repeated with the fried brinjal layer-chicken layer and finally the cheese layer. These layers are covered by a sheet of square shaped dough as a cover. The top of the dough is to be pierced with a fork and brushed with egg-wash. In a pre-heated oven, the dish should be baked for twenty-five minutes.

This appetizing meal appeals to people of all age groups and is fast growing in popularity. The serving too requires no hassle and can be served hot from the oven. Naturally more and more people are veering towards such dishes as these can be prepared in a jiffy and does not require any accompaniment. It can be cooked and served in the same bowl. This culinary journey is definitely worth trying. I would say, after a hard day to savour this dish in the serenity of homely surroundings is refreshing and fulfilling.


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